Thought Provoking Essays

Air Fresheners?

Television commercials tout that scented air freshener products make our homes more appealing, when they smell clean and fresh. Advertisers promise to make our lives better and more fulfilled, by using... Read more

Chemical Disclosure

In 2009, President Obama authorized funding to develop an open and easily searchable database listing all medical, chemical, and research information on the 800,000 chemicals used in everyday... Read more

What's that Smell?

When I was a young woman, my Dad pulled me aside and complemented me on the small amount of perfume that I wore. He said perfume should be an intimate experience shared with... Read more

Secular Intolerance

How arrogant of the American Christian people to claim that God is theirs alone. Both Christians and Islam share the same common Jewish heritage, and both have splintered into different sects who... Read more

No New Taxes?

In 1988, George H. W. Bush coined the campaign slogan "No new taxes", which won him the Presidential election. This catchphrase has been touted in many... Read more

Social Darwinism

In the 1890's, many wealthy robber barons and political leaders applied Social Darwinism. This invented ideology posed that white European males were racially... Read more

All Abortions have a Story Behind Them

Recent pundits have touted the pro-life banner with the pretense of speaking for the unborn child. I question those speakers about where their caring heart stops. How many children have... Read more

Reproductive Freedom

In the last half of the 1800's, women were discouraged from riding bicycles or straddling a horse for fear that their reproductive ability would be damaged. In 1872, ... Read more

Pesticide Genocide

In 1939, the first synthetic "miracle pesticide" DDT was developed. As our WWII service personal were being shipped home, they received DDT dustings to... Read more

Changes of War

The yesteryear of tanks, trenches, and bayonet combat are immortalized antiquities. There are no more D-Days, Battle of the Bulges, or... Read more