Social Darwinism

In the 1890's, many wealthy robber barons and political leaders applied Social Darwinism. This invented ideology posed that white European males were racially superior to all others, as evident from the predominate wealth that they controlled. This reasoning justified every dollar earned from the sweat of "inferior" working people without fair wages or safe working conditions.

In past and present cultures, including our own, women could not own land, control money, or question men in any way. Though governmental social reforms have helped advance fair wages and protection to the working class, to this day, male financial dominance maintains the servitude of women in society. It is appalling that generations of women have blindly accepted men's view regarding their wages. By accepting lower wages than a man doing the same job, a woman accepts that they are worth less than men.

Equal pay regulations require that men and women jobs need not be identical to determine whether jobs are substantially equal for equal pay, but that they must be substantially equal in job content, not job titles. In many ways, women are to blame for their lower wages by not negotiating for higher starting pay or equal wages.

One place we can make a difference for the betterment of women and the nation is in the voting booth. Women need to use their vote to challenge the apparent Social Darwinism in Boise, which is cloaked by conservative traditional views, as evident by our representatives believing that female's lower wages acceptable.