Air Fresheners?

Television commercials tout that scented air freshener products make our homes more appealing, when they smell clean and fresh. Advertisers promise to make our lives better and more fulfilled, by using air fresheners that smell of exotic flowers and other artificial scents.

The EPA lists three main ingredients in all "Air Freshener" products: Formaldehyde, Petroleum distillates, and P-dichlorobenzene. Other known toxins in these products include acetaldehyde, chloroform, phthalates, 1.4-dioxane, and pentane. Though everyday, we see people on television "huffing" these chemicals, and in our consumer ignorance we assume that these chemicals, used to manufacture these products, are safe to inhale.

Have you been brainwashed in to compromising your health by using these products? Does your family have a lot of respiratory problems, sore throats, asthma, migraine headaches, or catch every flu-bug? Chemically manufactured artificial fragrances are actually harming you in a variety of ways and are more dangerous than the chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

I'm old enough to remember cigarette commercials, when they promised to make us glamorous or macho. It took the federal government to force the tobacco companies to stop this advertising and be held accountable for the harm smoking did to so many.

We have federal agencies to keep us safe: UL, FDA, and the EPA, though over the years funding for these agencies has been cut to the point where now over 80,000 chemicals, used in the manufacture of everyday products, have never been tested to determine if they are safe for respiration or consumption.