Changes of Warfare

The yesteryear of tanks, trenches, and bayonet combat are immortalized antiquities. There are no more D-Days, Battle of the Bulges, or droppings of "A-bombs". There is no more use of napalm or mass bombings of villages to make heroes from our youth.

Wars now are fought with hidden improvised explosives along roadsides or strapped to a fanatic going inside buildings where US citizens frequent. Our heroes are coming home with brain damage, missing body parts, and physiological problems in record numbers.

The last 10 years of war has been fought in the towns with people that we are trying to free from the many dictatorships that the US put in place more than 30 years ago. In this day of instant information, the US can no longer put puppet leaders into foreign countries to enhance big corporation's control of their resources. Money spent on an "out dated" war mentality can be better spent educating our youth and fixing our infrastructure.

No amount of navel ships, tanks, bombs, or increased number of invasions in other nations will end the continuing threat to our safety. Civilized and honest diplomatic discussions are needed, regarding the wealth of foreign resources, which should be distributed for the entire country's welfare, not for the reigning few. This is the only way to end the terror from secular factions. Respect, honesty, and tolerance of differences are the only civilized answer to end conflicts. Invasions and bombings only increase the hatred felt around the world toward the US.


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