What's that Smell?

When I was a young woman, my Dad pulled me aside and complemented me on the small amount of perfume that I wore. He said perfume should be an intimate experience shared with loved ones, not your calling card, and that while on shore leave, he could always tell the "working ladies" by the amount of perfume that they wore; stating, if her perfume reached you before she did, or it lingered after she left, it had been a good night for business.

Presently, long-lasting and pungent fragrances seem to be the norm, though these new fake fragrances come with a price. Research shows that the chemicals used to create and extend fragrances are derived from petrol-chemicals, a practice banned around the world, except in the US. Petrol-chemicals are absorbed into your skin, damaging your immune and endocrine systems and when inhaled, cause damage to your sinuses, throat and lungs. For people with asthma, COPD, and other breathing conditions, these petrol-chemicals can induce life-threatening reactions when in the presence of persons wearing these fragrances.

Though it seems inert to use these new faddish fragrances, your health is being compromised. The industry doesn't care about your health, as they know you will buy these products anyway for huge profits. One can only point at the uneducated consumer, who is constantly inundated by commercials depicting chemical "Huffing" under the guise of great smelling bodies and homes. I wish more would understand the intimate experience of fragrances as not being your calling card.