All Abortions have a Story Behind Them

Recent pundits have touted the pro-life banner with the pretense of speaking for the unborn child. I question those speakers about where their caring heart stops. How many children have you adopted, how many do you plan on adopting, how many children will you mentor, and how many are you going to support with the higher education needed to live the American dream? If your answer is not “all of them”, then isn’t your hypocrisy condemning those children to a life of pain and misery?  In reality, not all childhoods are filled with love or laughter.

All abortions have a story behind them, as to why the decision was made to end the pregnancy. In Texas, my sister-in-law conceived a second child. At 6-months, when there was no movement of the fetus, she had an x-ray which showed that there was no skull or upper brain. She told the doctor that she wanted to end the pregnancy, though because it had a heartbeat he refused. The next day she was served legal papers informing her that she could not leave the state until after the baby was born, because she had requested to illegally terminate the pregnancy.

Are you as heartless as that doctor and state law that mandated that she carry the child full term, knowing that it would not survive? This child wasn’t conceived from rape, incest, or a threat to her life.

For those that have adopted and do mentor, you have my fullest admiration and respect.

Laws and Doctors making decisions for mothers.