Secular Intolerance

How arrogant of the American Christian people to claim that God is theirs alone. Both Christians and Islam share the same common Jewish heritage, and both have splintered into different sects who claim their dogma champion. In the Middle East, we have seen what happens when one religious faction dominates the others. Can the United States learn from this and ensure that our Government remains separate from religion? Or will it take one Christian sect to become dominant, and then prosecute other Christians for their different beliefs, to bring down the United States?

How quickly the LDS people have forgotten their own history of prosecution by other Christian religions. In 1844, the prophet Joseph Smith lost his life to a "Christian" mob at Carthage, Illinois. The continued prosecution that followed necessitated the move to Utah, as it was the only safe place to live and practice their beliefs. For this reason alone, all LDS people should demand the separation of Church and State in our laws. Is it really necessary to remind the LDS that many American's still view the LDS church as a cult to be feared?

To protect all future generations, we as a people need to ask one simple question; will your tenets be protected when the extremists in Christianity deem your dogma wrong? With each religious slanted law passed by Congress, it brings us closer to being a "Christian Nation" and one step closer to being no different than religious regimes controlling the Middle East.

   Judith Schaechter: The Battle of Carnival and Lent