Reproductive Freedom

In the last half of the 1800's, women were discouraged from riding bicycles or straddling a horse for fear that their reproductive ability would be damaged. In 1872, congress passed the Comstock law which made it illegal to send literature or devices regarding female contraceptives through the mail on the grounds that they were "obscene".

In 1873, a Harvard Medical professor asserted that intellectual work and higher education damaged women's reproductive systems, causing neuralgia, uterine disease, hysteria, and other derangements of the nervous system.

In the 1960's the birth control pill became available to the common woman. This break-through contraceptive helped spread out child bearing in many families, gave the mother's body time to heal, and availed to her children individual motherly nurturing. It also allowed women to maintain jobs that brought in money to help raise the family's standard of living.

And now in 2012, we are still arguing about a woman's right to birth control, her rights regarding her body, and other limitations that are put on the female sex. I think that we have not greatly advanced regarding women's welfare.

Contraceptive health coverage should be covered by all businesses, including the business end of religion. If a woman's belief is to not use contraceptives, then she should not purchase them, not legislate them away from others.

Each religious slanted law passed by Congress brings us closer to being the touted "Christian Nation" and one step closer to being no different than Religious regimes of the Middle East.