No New Taxes?

In 1988, George H. W. Bush coined the campaign slogan "No new taxes", which won him the Presidential election. This catchphrase has been touted in many elections for the last 24-years. For many years, our leaders have been ignoring our national infrastructure, much of which was built during the 1933 to 1943 work programs of the "New Deal", while corporate greed use this infrastructure for the benefit of the few, without paying their fair share of the costs to maintain it. This country is paying for this lack of forward thinking, with broken and inadequate water, sewer, power, gas, highways, and the inferior education system, which cannot compete in the global competition facing our youth.

Now is the time to look at your local representatives, at both the state and national levels, to see if they truly represent you. Demand the fair taxation system that was promised in 1913, by President Wilson. This 16th amendment of the Constitution contained a graduated tax schedule that required the wealthy to pay a greater percentage of their income than the poor. In the 99 years since the passing of the income tax amendment, numerous loopholes have been added and approved for the wealthy, at the expense and deterioration of the nation.

Do you actually benefit when tax cuts go into effect or are you falling for the religious moral pushbutton issues that keep you from seeing the real issues like fair taxation and representation, as promised to the common man 99 years ago?